Meet the POSSM


 The POSSM are Renaissance Men. We are teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, surfers, students, athletes, family men and sometimes musicians. We are lucky to have great neighbors, fans, friends and collaborators who have helped make our short career a fantastic ride!

We are having an awesome time playing music that we love (everything from Bob Marley and Johnny Cash to Sublime and Mumford and Sons) and feel very fortunate for the opportunities we’ve had.  

Our ever expanding group of originals feature the ukulele and the guitar and are influenced by Reggae and many versions of Rock.  We have completed our first EP/demo,  and were honored and excited to be voted 1st runner up for best local band/musician in the 2016 Hartford Magazines readers poll.  Thanks to everyone for the support and see you all out at a show soon!

EARL Henrichon: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, ukulele 

Earl is a high school Health and PE teacher who for some reason decided it was a good idea to learn how to play guitar and then sing in front of people. Having no social awareness he then formed a band and made his friends and family pretend to be fans. Earl is having a blast being a part of POSSM, surfing whenever possible and hanging out with his wife Jane and 4 year-old daughter Lillian. He is the oldest member of the band… but just barely.


TONY Koos: Bass guitar, ukulele

Tony grew up a California boy who moved out to CT after brief stint as a nationally ranked youth tennis prospect.  Tony has loved music and skateboarding for most of his life and so obviously he is a bass player.  Tony’s claim to fame is that he is not the oldest member of the POSSM. Tony also loves to surf and recently got married to the love of his life Megan. Tony is a downtown resident and is a member of the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.


BEN Paden: Percussion

Ben is currently getting his graduate degree from The Hartt School of Music in composition.  He also holds a degree in Percussion which makes him wildly underqualified to hold any job in the real world. Ben moved to Connecticut recently from Colorado and has since grown a fantastic mustache. Ben is a Hartford resident and has fallen in love with the community and the opportunity play fun music with guys that are almost as handsome as he is.


JEREMY Haddad: Lead guitar, vocal harmonies

Jeremy is the youngest member of the POSSM.  A former high school student of Earl’s, he spends most of his free time swiping right on Tinder and eating Bear’s BBQ. Jeremy is POSSM’s lead guitar player and reels in the cougars with his sexy riffs. He also has the voice of a pre-pubescent angel and creates many a sweet sweet vocal harmony. Jer is going back to school to receive his Spanish degree at ECSU and would someday love to move to downtown Hartford and join his bandmates in ruining the moral fiber of the neighborhood.



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