The Professors of Sweet Sweet Music

Meet the POSSM

We are The Professors of Sweet Sweet Music (POSSM)!

We’ve been told that we have an infectious charm and enthusiasm for life, and we love to spread the laid-back love for life wherever we go. We’ve been honored to have won Best of Hartford in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and we were recently nominated for a New England Music award for best in the state of CT! We love our hometown of Hartford, CT and are thankful for the support, inspiration and friendship given by their community. #HartfordHasIt! Off the stage we’re surfers, teachers, students, business owners and lovers of life.


The Hartford Courant recently said this about us:

The Professors of Sweet Sweet Music tend to go by POSSM, to cut down on all those syllables. The Connecticut-based quartet plays in that energetic alt-folk style that involves a lot of spirited vocal harmonies and a strum-along, shout-along, and stomp-along feel. This is music that embraces big feelings and a hopeful excitement about the possibilities of life, love and the world. POSSM does a nice job of blending an ecstatic drive with chiming guitar sounds and clipped riffs. Fans of Mumford & Sons and the Lumineers might like to hear a local band playing in a small venue where the group-spirit of the music will get the appropriate compression and punch.”

And also:
“The masterminds behind [The Hartbeat Music Festival] – Tony Koos, Earl Henrichon, Ben Paden, and Jeremy Haddad – have been turning the Hartford music scene on its ear for the last couple years as the Professors of Sweet Sweet Music. Few bands have exploded onto the Hartford music scene the way the POSSM has over the last few years. The band’s brand of pop and folk-infused rock can be downright infectious at times. Last October, they played the Hartford Marathon and the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival on the same day. What to do for an encore? Start your own festival, of course.”

Let’s Meet the Band!


EARL Henrichon: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Earl is a high school Health and PE teacher who for some reason decided it was a good idea to learn how to play guitar and then sing in front of people. Having no social awareness he then formed a band and made his friends and family pretend to be fans. Earl is having a blast being a part of POSSM, surfing whenever possible and hanging out with his wife Jane and 6 year-old daughter Lillian. He is the oldest member of the band… but just barely.


CRAIG Huntington: Lead guitar 

Craig has been in the POSSM orbit for the last few years adding noises to their sound. He has also spent a lot of nights making music in his basement and catching live music whenever possible. Aside from his musical endeavors, Craig loves spending time with his family and thanks them for putting up with his attempting to realize his adolescent rock and roll dreams.

BEN Paden: Percussion

Ben earned his graduate degree from The Hartt School of Music in composition and holds a degree in percussion which makes him wildly underqualified to hold any job in the real world and wildly overqualified to play in POSSM. Ben moved to Connecticut from Colorado and has since grown a fantastic mustache. Ben has fallen in love with the Hartford community and appreciates the opportunity play fun music with guys that are almost as handsome as he is.


JEREMY Haddad: Lead guitar, bass, super sexy vocals

Jeremy is the youngest member of the POSSM.  A former high school student of Earl’s, he spends most of his free time swiping right on Tinder and driving from Mansfield to play shows in Hartford. Jeremy is POSSM’s Bass and sometimes lead guitar player and reels in the cougars with his sexy riffs and sweet sweet vocals. Jer has earned his masters in Spanish from ECSU and recently returned from a sabbatical living and working in Central America to immerse himself in the langauge and culture. 


TONY Koos: Bass guitar, ukulele

Tony grew up a California boy who moved out to CT after brief stint as a nationally ranked youth tennis prospect.  Tony has loved music and skateboarding for most of his life and so obviously he is a bass player.  Tony’s claim to fame is that he is not the oldest member of the POSSM. Tony also loves to surf and his lovely wife Megan.


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